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Killerton Art Project July 2018

Killerton Art Project July 2018 1
Years 5/6 took part in the Killerton Art Project where they were inspired by the suffrage movement to design their own protest banner on a modern theme. Rebecca's design of a banner protesting in favour of refugees was chosen by the class to recreate.

May Celebration Day - country and maypole dancing.

Pre-School came to visit the main school with Charlie and Helen. They popped in to see Mrs Spencer-Smith in her office and tried out all her chairs!
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I have just finished a show I was in called The Gang Show. If you don't know what that is, it's a show that Guides and Scouts put on at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter. Once the show was finished all of the people that were in it got awarded a certificate, a badge, a booklet and a red scarf and a woggle. I shared these in celebration worship with the rest of the school. By Fenella, Y6.
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