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Miss Fox - Years 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6


The summer term has begun! In year 5 and 6 we have been getting stuck in to our new topic of environments. We've also started our new historical time-period of the Iron Age, this links in to our topic as we will be visiting an Iron Age Hill fort later in the term. We've been struggling to get out of bed in the mornings so we have invented 'Wake-You-Up' machines to help! Check in next month to see our final explanations of our inventions. 

Prehistoric Britain

Prehistoric Britain 1 "What were their clothes made of?"
Prehistoric Britain 2 "How much did things cost?"
Prehistoric Britain 3 "Did they invent anything we still use today?"
Prehistoric Britain 4 "What weapons did they use?"
Prehistoric Britain 5
Prehistoric Britain 6
Prehistoric Britain 7
Prehistoric Britain 8 "What did they use the metal for?"
Prehistoric Britain 9 "How did they get their food?"
Prehistoric Britain 10 "Were any fossils discovered in the Iron Age?"

Year 5 Investigated Volume and Capacity

Year 5 Investigated Volume and Capacity 1 We looked at the capacity of a variety of bottles
Year 5 Investigated Volume and Capacity 2 We calculated the volume of cuboids using cubes
Year 5 Investigated Volume and Capacity 3 Volume = length x width x depth

Light investigations

Forensic Science Workshop, November 2017

Yr5/6 were treated to a fantastic forensic science workshop where they measured the growth of maggots to deduce how long they had been at a crime scene, took and studied fingerprints and went on to investigate a crime with 32 suspects. A huge thank you to Mrs West for organising this for us.

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SAT's Breakfast 2017

Everyone turned up bright and early every day to partake in our now annual SAT's Breakfast for Year 6.

The children chose their menu: variety pack cereals, crumpets, mini pancakes, strawberry jam, honey apple and orange juice (no bits!).

By the end of the week the 14 Year 6's had consumed 62 boxes of mini cereals, 48 crumpets and 60 pancakes!!  The breakfast enabled them to relax, eat heartily and prepare together for the tests ahead.


KS2 trip to ‘At Bristol’ Summer 2017

On Wednesday 24th May KS2 went to the science museum at Bristol. Year 5/6 took part in a theme day about forensic science where moulds were made of our fingers for finger printing, we investigated the science of DNA, looked at clues left at a crime scene and solved a crime using our newly gained forensic knowledge and skills. During our lunch break, we had time to explore the various interactive activities using our special barcoded wristbands.

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