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After the break the fire and rescue service came in to our class to talk about safety and to talk about fires. We realised there can be a lot of situations that they deal with. Also we played a game to see who could put on their fire suit on first because when there's a fire they have got to hurry. The fire fighters showed us a video about fire safety and we learnt a rule 'to stop, drop and roll' if your clothes catch on fire. Report by Cerys and Amy.


Fire & Rescue visit December 2018

KS2 trip to ‘At Bristol’

On Wednesday 24th May KS2 went to Bristol and did some activities. KS2 made some animations with special wristbands with our barcodes. Year 3/4 did a workshop about the digestive system and Year 5/6 did a forensic theme day. We also got to look around the place.

By Kayla & Iona.

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