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Sports Results and Gallery

Athletics at Clyst Vale Community College, Wednesday 27th June 2018

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 Crazy Hair Day June 2018.

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Sports Results and Gallery

On Friday 8th June representatives from Years 1 and 2 went to Lady Seaward's Primary School for a mini Commonwealth Games 'round robin'. Here is a report by Harry from Year 1 and some photographs of the day.


We did dribleing a football beeween cones and shooting.

We threw beanbags into hoops.

We saw how far we can jump.

We threw javlins and we got points.

So we had a spunge and we dipt it in the water and we ran with the spunge and scweest it.

We balenst a ball on a racket.

By Harry Y1.


Commonwealth Games DAy for Y1 & 2 at Lady Seaward's Primary School.