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Our topic last term was all about me. The children really enjoyed this topic as we learnt about our bodies and how we could move.

We looked at our faces in mirrors discussing what was the same and different. Our favourite was singing 'our body song' in which we came up with actions for our bodies such as wriggling our bottoms.

We hope to tell you more about our adventures next term as we learn all about different jobs.

Autumn Term 2

We have had so much fun this term. We have been learning about all the different jobs we could aspire to be. We learnt the number to call in an emergency ask your children who do we call if see a fire? We acted out several jobs with some being excellent lollipop men telling us when we could go and stop when riding our trikes to several children being chefs. The cakes they made were rather yummy!

Into the second half and we approached Christmas. It has been a pleasure to see the children perform at the start of the nativity they were a credit to the staff and parents/carers. They were amazing and I am sure you agree they deserve to be on the good list.

In Preschool we have done lots of activities from making snowmen with mouldable soap to making paperchains and looking at patterns. The most important was our letter to Father Christmas in which all the children marked and we then posted into the local post box.

Thank you for a fantastic start to the year and looking forward to our next adventures in the new year in which we shall be exploring mini-beast stories.


Spring Term

This half term we have been learning about minibeasts. Helen brought in her stick insects and the children enjoyed letting them move around on them. We also explored all of our senses when we went out on a muddy puddle hunt. Everyone dressed up in waterproofs and the hunt began.

Mark making has also been an area of interest. We have been mark making in flour, paint and chalk. The children sparked this focus and we are going to continue with it into next term with more opportunities.

For the second half term, we looked at rhyming stories. A firm favourite was ‘Shark in the Park’. We then moved onto Easter and performed several songs in our Parish Church.

May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May

May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May 1
May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May 2
May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May 3
May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May 4
May Celebration Dance on Friday 25th May 5