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You do not have to stick with your own year group's lesson. If you are struggling, try the activities for the year group below, if you don't feel challenged, try the year group above. 


Year 4: Finding the Perimeter of a Rectilinear Shape

Year 5: Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

Year 6: Divide Fractions by Integers



On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Grammar Starter and Main Activity


Year 4: Using brackets

Year 5: Semicolons

Year 6: Complex sentences


Use the sheets below for your character creation task. 

Computing - Algorithms and Debugging


Year 4/5:

Year 6:




Have a go at a yoga class


Or try one of these games:

Reaction game:
Place a small object (spoon) in the middle of two markers (cushions) that are an even distance apart. Parent / guardian calls out commands for children to touch a body part. Multiple body parts are said before the command SPOON. When spoon is shouted both people playing the game will try and grab the spoon. Fastest wins.
Balance game:
Use anything large or small and experiment balancing it on any part of your body. Using harder and more obscure objects to balance on yourself. Easy? Try and balance multiple objects on someone else. Human Buckaroo!
Trivia game:
Using posted notes write a sports person on it and stick it somewhere that the other person won’t see. You must now act out what sport that person does as well as other clues but you are not allowed to talk!
Using three soft similar size objects. Start with two and practice until you can introduce a third. Challenge: Use another person and juggle as a pair.