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Maths - Challenges


These get trickier as you go along!


Browse this page for some bonus fraction, decimals and percentage activities:


Many of these are printable for those who prefer to work on paper. 

Maths printable version

RE/Art: Art in Heaven


Have a look at the pictures below of Hindu and Christian artistic expressions of the afterlife. 

For each image, explain how it reflects that religion's beliefs, based on the learning we have done so far this term. 


Create your own work of art based on your own beliefs of the afterlife. 



Today we are going to decorate our dream houses! You can use anything you like - colouring pencils, pens, paints. You could cut pictures out of magazines or brochures and stick them in to create wall paper or art on the walls or floor effects. Be imaginative and creative! You could use lolly sticks to create a log-cabin effect. 


As you are decorating your house, list any problems you come across and make a note of how you solve them. 

I look forward to seeing pictures of your completed houses and will share them on the class webpage!