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You do not have to stick with your own year group's lesson. If you are struggling, try the activities for the year group below, if you don't feel challenged, try the year group above. 


Year 4: Finding area by counting squares

Year 5: Compare and Order Fractions

Year 6: Fractions of Amounts Applied in Context



On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Grammar Starter


Year 4: Apostrophes for Contraction

Year 5: Subordinating Conjunctions

Year 6: Parenthesis


Main Activity

Your task today is to write a short story based on the superhero character you created yesterday. 

Here is a structure to use for your story:

  1. Set the scene
  2. 4 word simple sentence
  3. Expanded noun phrase - introduce the character
  4. speech - question and answer

do not use said

speech marks

extra info after the persons name

new line new speaker

  1. although...,
  2. simile sentence
  3. compound sentence (co-ordinating conjucntion - FANBOYS)
  4. simple sentence
  5. one word ending

Here's an example of a great, short superhero story that follows this structure:

Gotham City


           As darkness descended upon Gotham City, the innocent, old man with fear in his eyes had become trapped down the dark alleyway but who could help him? The gang of 4 (teenage boys and girls) were after the few possessions he had. Would they get what they wanted? Cornered like a dog. Had the masked crusader heard what was happening and come to the rescue? The old man emptied his pockets, which contained just a few pennies, would this be enough for the robbers? Coins spilled onto the floor…

  “This is all I have, please take it and don't hurt me,” pleaded the old man, John.

  “We don't believe you, you have more!” shouted the gang leader, grabbing the man by the shoulders.

  John, who was trembling with fear, backed further down the alleyway; however the teenagers stepped towards him. Each member circled the old man, there was no escape! In the distance, a shadow appeared. A tall dark stranger. Was this a sign of help? The caped crusader walked boldly towards the gang of bullies.

  Although the gang had their backs to the masked stranger, they could sense his presence. He strolled towards them, grabbing one by the hood of his jumper. With a sharp pull, the teenager flew into the air and landed in a heap in a corner of the alley. One of the girls went to run; he let her go knowing the police would catch up with her anyway. Another of the teenage boys went to hit the caped

crusader but failed! His fist was caught. He flew through the air consequently landing next to his mate. Finally, the last bully went to run past but tripped over the large black boots of the hero landing too with his friends.

  “Wh….o… are y...y….you… and th..thank you?” whispered John, still backing away from the stranger.

  “I’m the caped crusader, the police will be along shortly,”

announced Batman, turning his back and heading back out into the night.

  Sirens echoed through the night sky. Safe!







Year 4: Contours, Keys and Symbols

Year 5: Trade and Economic Activity

Year 6: Trade and Economic Activity