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Maths - Challenges


These get trickier as you go along!


Bonus activities:

Fraction matching game:

Fraction investigation:

Area and Perimeter investigation:



To continue our learning into how religions help people through good times and bad, we are going to learn about what Hindus believe about life after this life. 


Start by watching this video:


Write a definition for each of these words:

  1. Karma
  2. Moksha


Choose 2 of these activities to complete:

  • Draw your own circle of life diagram, showing key moments such as birth, learning to walk, going to school, getting a job, getting married, becoming a parent, retiring, dying.

  • Write 5 - 10 ways that people could gather good karma at each stage of life. 

  • Explain what you think good karma means.

  • Describe what you like or dislike, agree with and disagree with, about Hindu ideas on life after this life.

  • Share all the other ideas you know of about life after this life.