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On Tuesday we looked at brackets. This page also covered dashes and commas. Here is the video if you need to remind yourself:


Today we are going to look at what the difference is between a hyphen and a dash.


Watch this video:


A boy is camping in the woods (alone for some reason) when a vicious creature creeps up behind him.

  • If you listen carefully, you will notice that the music builds tension and the film doesn't show the whole monster. It just gives clues.
  • Pause the film at 18 seconds
  • Your challenge today is to describe this monster.
  • Twist - can you describe it without saying what it is? Leave the reader guessing - this will make your writing more exciting.  
  • Can you use imagery to make the monster sound vicious?  Perhaps use similes and metaphors.





Often, we think negatively about a situation or an event that has happened or is about to happen. When we think negatively, we are likely to carry on thinking negatively, which helps to make the thought more powerful. When this happens, it is really difficult to find positive thoughts. This can lead to a one-sided view of a situation or event which is often not a true judgement.

On the sheet there is an example of a table to show the type of negative thoughts that you could turn in to positive thoughts. You can use these examples and make your own table, or print and fill in the sheet.



Relay running requires good teamwork and communication as the runners pass and receive the baton between them. Practise passing a rolled-up newspaper or other baton shaped object between you and a family member, or placing it on a surface. If you are passing to a person, one person must stand in front of the other with their arm stretched out behind them and their palm facing upwards ready to receive the baton. Keep facing forwards and don’t be tempted to turn around as this would slow you down in a relay race. Practise doing it stationary and then gradually build up speed.