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We have been looking at the correct punctuation to add extra information this week, so here is a sentence structure made for adding extra information - the relative clause.


Today we are going to write a character description. 


Can you draw the ultimate survival hero for the following environments? Think carefully about what they are wearing and what equipment they will carry.

  • Jungle
  • Desert island
  • Arctic

Choose one of your characters - you are going to describe that person for a story. Remember to use a relative clause! 


This activity has been taken from here:

There are lots of other activities based on this picture that you can do as an optional extension. 


To complete our learning on area and perimeter, today I would like you to take the perimeters you found on Tuesday and find the area of those objects. 





Today we are going to have a look at reading maps. Watch the videos and complete the activities on this page


Your challenge today is to draw your own map. Your map might be of your garden or a local area where you have been walking. You can add symbols and a key to your map. You can use one of the templates below or just use a plain piece of paper.