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For your English today we have an EGPS warm up, you can choose mild, spicy or hot. Then there is an activity to help you identify the features of a biography and get in the biography-writing frame of mind!


For Maths this morning, year 4 are continuing from yesterday with a co-ordinates activity (you can have another look at yesterday’s powerpoint if you need to), years 5 and 6 have translation activities.


This afternoon for PE, I want you to practice your distance throwing skills. The one-handed pull throw technique is use in javelin. It is the same technique as an overarm throw in cricket. See how far you can throw a ball overarm. You could compete against members of your family to see who can throw the furthest. Then see how accurately you can throw by putting markers on the ground and see how close you can get the ball to them.


For PSHE this afternoon I have an emotional rollercoaster activity for you. The current situation is putting us all under a lot of pressure and it can be useful to get in touch with and acknowledge your own emotions. You could decorate/colour the rollercoaster carriages to reflect the emotions you have written about.