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I have an EGPS starter for you on apostrophes today. To continue with your biography, today I would like you to research facts about Henry VIII. You will need to research at least two different aspects of him so that you have at least 2 main paragraphs in your biography. Example aspects could be ‘early life’ and ‘wives’. If you want to challenge yourself, look at 3-4 aspects of his life so that you can write 3-4 paragraphs. You need around 6 facts for each paragraph. You can record these as bullet points in your exercise book.


In maths, year 4 are going to be going to be starting translations and years 5 and 6 will be looking at reflections.


For history this week, we are continuing our learning about the Tudors, I have a powerpoint with a family tree activity for you. There is an opportunity to get creative and show the family tree in your own way.