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Grammar Starter - Perfect Form


Watch the video then play the quiz


Main Task - Newspaper Article

This week we are going to write a newspaper report about something that has happened at home. 

Watch this video to remind yourself of what you need to include in a newspaper article.


What are the 5 Ws? 

What is a quote? Why do we use them? 


Think about something that has happened at home recently. To make your newspaper report humorous, you can choose something funny that happened and make it sound really important! Choose something you would tell your friends or your teacher about to make them laugh. For example, you could do something silly your pet did, or something a younger sibling did. 

Once you have chosen your event, write down the 5ws for it. Ask a family member or two for a quote about the event. 


Newspaper articles contain facts and opinions. Use this game to make sure you know the difference:


Use this planning sheet to plan your article. Challenge - include a sentence in the perfect form!

Maths - Recapping Basics


Remember - you do not have to stick with your own year group's lesson. If you are struggling, try the activities for the year group below, if you don't feel challenged, try the year group above. 


Year 4: Subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers


Year 5: Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000


Year 6: Short and Long Multiplication



For today's science, I would love for the children to pick an experiment to complete. I have attached some suggestions but there is also a website link for other options. I've tried to give a few suggestions in the hope that you may have the equipment at home to carry out one. 


Optional Extension- write the experiment up in your book. Make a prediction before you complete it if appropriate. What happened? Why do you think it happened? Can you draw a labelled diagram? Could you change a variable to investigate further next time?