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Maths - Challenges


These get trickier as you go along!


Bonus activities:

Fraction matching game:

Fraction interactive activity:

Fraction wall:



**Warning** This lesson looks at topics of death and funerals. If you feel that this is inappropriate for your child please skip this lesson. 


Following on from our learning about how religion helps people get through good times and bad, we are going to have a look at Christian and Humanist beliefs about what happens after we die. 


Recap - what do you remember about Hindu beliefs about life after death? 


1. Watch this powerpoint about Christian beliefs about life after death. Are there any similarities with Hinduism? Any differences? Make a list of similarities and differences. 


2. Humanists believe that our human life on Earth is our only life; there is no afterlife. You can learn more about this belief by watching this video:


3. You are going to put yourself in the shoes of a Hindu, a Christian and a Humanist. For each of these people, explain 

a) what your beliefs about life after death are

b) why this belief brings you comfort. 


EXT. What do you  believe?  



This week we are going to continue with our dream house project. It is time to start coming up with some ideas for your house. 

  1. I would like you to draw 3 possible options for your dream house, using your customer research as a guide of what you should include. 
  2. Now choose your favourite of the 3 designs and label it. 
  3. Now you need to decide what you will use to build and decorate your dream house model. Make a list of possible tools and materials and then circle the ones you want to use. 
  4. Make a list of 3-6 tools or materials you have chosen to use to build or decorate your house. For each one write a short explanation of why you chose to use this. 
  5. It is time to plan your build. List the sequence of activities you will go through to build and decorate your dream house model. 


We are going to start making the dream house on 3rd July, so you still have 2 weeks to collect materials. Use your imagination when you go through the recycling bin! 


If you are following the printout, this week we are doing pages 6-14