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For English this morning, I want you to choose a page or two of your favourite book. In the page, see how many of the following word types you can find: 

  • nouns (a person, place or thing, e.g. cat, socks, Exeter)

  • pronouns (a word that refers to another person or thing, e.g. he, she, it)

  • possessive pronouns (a pronoun that shows that something belongs to someone, e.g. mineyoursherstheirs

*Optional extensions*

  1. Can you identify the word class of every word in a paragraph?

  2. Can you find any examples of active/passive phrasing in your book?

    • Active voice is where the subject is doing the verb, e.g. Phil kicked the ball (Phil is the subject, kicked is the verb, the ball is the object). 

    • Passive voice is where the subject and object are reversed (e.g. The ball was kicked by Phil). The receiver of the action comes first in the sentence