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Grammar Starter - Semi-Colons


Watch the video then play the quiz and the activity beneath


Main Task - Newspaper Article

Today you are going to write your newspaper article that you planned yesterday. 

Start by watching this video to give you ideas for a catchy headline.


To get you in the frame of mind for newspaper writing, read this article:

What were the 5 ws? 

Can you find one fact and one opinion in this article?

Can you spot 3 other features of a newspaper article?


Use this template to write your article based on your plan. You can either type straight into the template, or print a version and handwrite on to that. 

Challenge: Include a sentence in the perfect present tense and a semi-colon in your article.


Once you have written your article, take a five minute break, then come back to it. Read it aloud - this will help you spot any errors and make sure it makes sense. 

  1. Can you improve 3-5 word choices?
  2. Do all of your sentences start differently? Can you use ISPACE to improve your sentence starters? 
  3. Have you written your article in paragraphs?


I can't wait to read all about it and I will be sharing my favourite articles on the class website. Happy Writing!

Maths - recapping basics


Year 4: Addition and Subtraction


Year 5: Short and Long Multiplication


Year 6: Common Factors, Multiples and Primes



This week we are going to learn about computer algorithms. There is a lot of interesting information and activities on this page:



The modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport involving five different events: fencing, 200m swimming, show jumping, and a combined event of pistol shooting and a cross-country run. Design and take part in your own pentathlon with a  family member. This term you have worked on your skills of throwing, running and jumping, so you could use those skills in your pentathlon. Choose five events to compete in and invent your own scoring system.