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Grammar Starter - tense consistency


Watch the video and play the quiz and the activity


Main Task - Revisiting your Diary


8 weeks ago, school closed, and for the first four days of home learning, you wrote a diary. Today I would like you to go back and read that diary. 

  • what has changed?
  • what is the same?
  • did anything surprise you in reading your diary?
  • what did you enjoy reading about in your diary? 

I would like you to write a new diary entry today. In your diary I would like you to: 

  • reflect on your previous diary entries, considering the questions above
  • include your thoughts and feelings at this time. 
  • think about the future - what do you think will happen in the next few weeks? In September? This time next year? 

Challenge - which tense will each of these sections be written in?


Here's a checklist of the key features to use when you write a diary entry.

  • Start with 'Dear Diary’.
  • Describe the places where the events happened.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Use pronouns like I, my and me to show that the events happened to you.
  • Talk about how you were feeling or what you were thinking when each event happened.
  • Use interesting vocabulary.


This page has some tips and reminders on how to write a diary entry:

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Last week you created a self-portrait to show different aspects of your own personality. 


This week I would like you to create a family portrait.

You can draw each member of your family separately or draw them all sitting or standing together. Can you show the relationships between different family members through your drawing? What will each person be wearing and what does that say about them?

I have included some Tudor family portraits as examples.