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On the attached page is a picture of our world. On one side I would like you to write what the world is currently like, and on the other what Jesus wanted the world to be like.

  1. In what ways is the world like what Jesus wanted and in what ways is it not?
  2. Can you explain why it is not?

The pictures below (or in the second document) show life that Jesus did not want. Write:

  1. what a Christian could do to make the situation better
  2. what might be needed to change for the situation to be made better
  3. explain why something has to be changed.

Mild: answer this question for 2 pictures

Spicy: 3 pictures

Hot: 4 pictures

Maths - Challenges


These get trickier as you go along!


Bonus investigation:

Maths Printable Versions



Following on from last week's lesson on maps, this week we are going to explore mapping, the points on a compass and then we have a fun activity based on following directions. 


Year 4/5:

Year 6: