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22nd June (Lighthouse Keeper)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat - Give Us A Story!

Mr. and Mrs. Grinling's beloved cat, Hamish, hears worrying news about a diet and isn't impressed, and thinks about finding somewhere else to live... He soon...

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Read Aloud Book for Children - Teach My Kids Storytime

Teach My Kids storytime with Sunita. Follow along whilst I read aloud ' The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. In this story, Mr Grinling is the lighthouse keeper. ...

The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue - Give Us A Story!

Mr. Grinling the Lighthouse Keeper is getting on a bit... Now his job might be on the line. But when a whale gets washed up on their beach, cometh the hour, ...

The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast

Another story from the Lighthouse Keeper collection that I thought you would all enjoy listening to as much as I enjoyed reading it!