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Year 4: Interpreting Line Graphs


Year 5: Translation


On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Grammar Starter - Prepositions

Year 4:

Year 5:


Our final Shakespeare play this week is Twelfth Night


I have attached the grammar assessment again for year 5. Do the second half today and then check your answers. 

If anyone in year 4 would like to do an assessment, please email Miss Fox on the Cobden Class email address and I will send one to you. 



Year 4 - Weather and Climate


Year 5 - Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy