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Watch video of how Jesus recruited his disciples.

  1. Why did he choose the fishermen?
  2. Why did the fishermen decide to serve God?
  3. How did Jesus help people to understand what he was saying about God?
  4. How is this similar to how Christians today follow Jesus? Who/what can make people feel the way the fishermen felt?


Use the techniques in this video to draw or paint the view from your bedroom window.



BBC Bitesize have launched a Friday maths challenge. The idea is that you can work with other family members on these tasks or just explore the problems by yourself. A guide to the difficulty level of each one is included at the bottom, they range from age 5-11- answers will be revealed on the website on Monday.


It would be great if you can complete these in your maths book and then use reasoning sentence stems to explain your understanding. See how many you can solve!


'I know that...because...'

'I think that... because...'

'This shows that... because...'


A word document of these problems is attached if you prefer. 


Mrs Beazley