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Maths - Challenges


These get trickier as you go along!


Browse this page for some bonus fraction-related activities:


Many of these are printable for those who prefer to work on paper. 

Maths Printable Version



**Warning** This lesson looks at topics of death and funerals. If you feel that this is inappropriate for your child please skip this lesson.


Today we are going to compare Hindu and Christian funeral rites.


Hindu Funeral Rites

See Powerpoint below


Christian Funeral Rites:

Plus information sheet below


Task: Write 3 similarities and 3 differences between Christian and Hindu beliefs about life after death and funeral rites. 


Extension - deeper thinking

  • Describe a Hindu funeral service.
  • What does Holy Oil symbolise in a Christian funeral?
  • Why do Hindus cremate their dead, and how does this reflect their beliefs in life after death?
  • Why is the river Ganges important in Hindu funerals?



This week I would like you to create your own version of either Caliban or Ariel from The Tempest. You can choose any way you like to create your character! 


Here are some ideas:

  • Drawing (I have attached a guide to drawing characters in a Manga style below). 
  • Transform yourself or a family member into the character with costume and face paint. 
  • Junk model
  • Collage
  • Paint

Or anything else you can think of! Let your imagination wander. Try to use your own character description from earlier in the week as a guide. If you like, you could create both characters to show the differences in their appearances, personalities and roles in the story.