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Year 4: Dividing by 100

Year 5: Compare and Order Decimals


On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Lesson Starter:


Year 4: Enjoying Reading

Year 5: Alliteration and Onomatopoeia in a Setting Description


Main Activity:

Today you are going to write a description of the island in The Tempest based on your island map from yesterday. Use the route you plotted to guide your description - pretend you are Caliban describing the island to Miranda when she first arrived. 

Here are some of the writing features we have practiced over the last few weeks - try to include as many as you can in your writing! 

  • expanded noun phrases
  • paragraphs

Year 4:

  • adverbial phrase
  • co-ordinating conjunctions
  • similes and metaphors

Year 5:

  • modal verbs
  • semi-colons
  • subordinating conjunctions
  • fronted adverbials
  • relative clauses
  • prepositions
  • alliteration
  • onomatopoeia 



Today we are going to learn about what it was like to watch plays during Shakespeare's time. 


Start by watching this video:



Choose one of the following activities: 


1. Investigate what popular pastimes there were for adults and children during the Tudor period, how does this compare to the pastimes of today? Here are some websites for your research: - click through for links on entertainment, music, sports and theatre.


2: Design a theatre from Shakespeare's time and devise special effects that would excite audiences. You could use the storm from the beginning of the Tempest as inspiration.