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Today, I would like you to complete your version of the lighthouse story. Continue where you left off and make sure you don't rush the building of tension as the lighthouse keeper realises that the lamp has broken and the ship is approaching. Try to make it exciting to read by using interesting word choices and varied sentence structures. I have attached a couple of word cards that will help you to link ideas within and across paragraphs. Below is an example of how you could start your next paragraph.


Suddenly, the bright lighthouse flickered away to darkness. Astonished, horrified and confused the villagers froze: they froze with no idea of what had happened... 


Year 4:


Watch the video.

Find a cube, cone, cuboid and/or pyramid at home and have a go drawing them. 


Year 5/6


Read this page on nets and play the game. 

If you have any cardboard packaging at home, take it apart (with parent's permission!) and have a look at the net. Can you draw some of your own nets to make your own 3D shapes? Can you make your own paper/card:

  • tin of beans?
  • traffic cone?
  • cereal box?
  • pyramid?

These are just ideas! You can make/decorate any kind of net you wish. There are templates of nets on the internet if you would rather print one than try to make your own. I can email you templates of nets if you need them, just let me know.


Complete this online lesson on historical sources.