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Year 4: Dividing by 10

Year 5: Recognise and use thousandths


On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Lesson starter


Year 4: Using inference to be a reading detective

Year 5: Using setting descriptions


Main Activity

Today we are going to explore some of Shakespeare's language. The document below has a year 4 page and a year 5 page with mild, spicy and hot options for each. 


Year 5 Science- Mary Anning


Explore this web page to learn about Mary Anning. Make sure you watch the video and look through the slideshow. Have a go at the quiz at the bottom of the page to test your knowledge. You could then create a storyboard about her life- this is optional.