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English (writing)

Today we are going to do the writing activity based on the reading you did yesterday. These are all activity 3. Here are the links: 


Year 4:


Year 5:


Year 6:


We have now completed our mini-unit on shape, so for the remainder of the week we will recap basic skills. 


Year 4: 1000 more or less


Year 5: addition and subtraction


Year 6: rounding decimals



Did you see the man on the news who ran a marathon from his balcony? It just shows that you don't need much space to keep fit and exercise!

Practise your running technique whilst running on the spot. Get a friend or family member to check you are doing the following things:
• Light, quick movements on the feet.
• Keeping a relaxed body.
• Lifting the knees up to a horizontal position.
• Keeping the arms bent and pumping.
• Keeping the head still


To follow on from our maths learning this week, here are some ideas for symmetrical gymnastics positions for individuals and pairs. Can you make them? Where are the lines of symmetry? Can you think of any of your own? 



Play around with the interactive models to develop your understanding of computer modelling.