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Year 4: Ordering decimals

Year 5: Adding decimals


On the optional worksheets, the difficulty is usually shown in the bottom corner of the page in a star. 

D = Developing (mild)

E = Expected (spicy)

GD = Greater Depth (hot)


It can also be shown by the number of stars. 

* = Mild

** = Spicy

*** = Hot



Grammar Starter


Year 4: Mastering inverted commas

Year 5: Writing direct and indirect speech


Main Activity


Read the next chapter of The Tempest (pages 32-42). Following on from your dialogue from yesterday, I would like you to write another scene of dialogue between two different characters. Today I would really like you to focus on capturing the voice of your characters, so try to pick to characters that speak in very different ways, for example, Caliban and Ferdinand or Miranda and Trinculo. Your dialogue should fit within the story - imagine those characters ran into each other on the island - what would they say? Would it be a friendly discussion or would they get into an argument? There is quite a lot of sarcasm in The Tempest - can you use this in your dialogue? 



Year 4: Viruses and Malware


Year 5: How do you know if you can trust a website?



Using ANYTHING from around the house, try and balance it on all parts of your body! Can you balance the most obscure object balanced on a part of you.

Create your own workout: can you use objects from around your house to create your own workout?


Using three soft similar size objects. Start with two and practice until you can introduce a third. 

Reaction game (2+ players)
Place a small object (spoon) in the middle of two markers (cushions) that are an even distance apart. Parent/guardian calls out commands for children to touch a body part. Multiple body parts are said before the command SPOON. When spoon is shouted both people playing the game will try and grab the spoon. Fastest wins.

Trivia game (2+ players)
Write down the name of a sports person, but hide it from the other player. You must now act out what sport that person does as well as other clues but you are not allowed to talk!