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Additional Activities

Project Learning


 Should you require some additional activities please find some suggestions attached. These are supposed to mimic our independent learning opportunities we provide in class. There is no expectation that these should be completed and would recommend no more than one a day. Children could also play with their own toys and books.



Self-portrait: - Ask your child to think about which materials they would like to use to create their masterpiece. Can they find any materials around the house to use? This might be a sculpture, collage, sketch or painting. I look forward to seeing what you create! I will put photos of their work on our class page if you give permission.


Create a card: - Ask your child to design a card for someone in their family for Easter. Think and talk about the Easter story and the significance of this celebration. Who will they send it to? Can they address an envelope? I will put photos of their work on our class page if you give permission.


Family tree: - Look at photographs of your family members and discuss where they would go on a family tree. Have you met everyone in your family? Is there anyone you could interview and find out more about? What questions would you ask them? Maybe give them a call and interview them about their history.


Design a family Coat of arms: - Find out what a coat of arm shield is. Ask children to begin to think about their design. What could they draw? Ask children to think about the colours and shapes they are using. Maybe if they have some cardboard around the house they could make a shield to give to a family member? I will put photos of their work on our class page if you give permission.


Data detective: - Ask your child to look at people in the house. What colour is their hair? Eye colour? Favourite colour? Favourite food? Ask them to collect this and place in a tally chart.


Interview a family member: - interview a family member that doesn’t live at home with them (this should be done by skype/ phone etc!!). Allow your child to ask them about their childhood. Who did they live with? Who was/ is in their family? Have they got any family traditions they follow and why? What was their favorite food when they were 6?