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Additional Activities

Project Learning


Should you require some additional activities please find some suggestions attached. These are supposed to mimic our independent learning opportunities we provide in class. There is no expectation that these should be completed and would recommend no more than one a day. Children could alternatively play with their own toys and books.


History:- Look at a selection of family photographs and discuss the changes over time.


Me changing:- Show your child a photograph of them as a baby, a 1 year old, a 2 year old. What could they do at that age? What can they do now that they couldn’t do then? What will they be able to do in the future? Look at a picture of a family member as a baby (this could be parents, siblings). Discuss how everyone was a baby once.


Draw a family tree:- How does your family link together? Can your child draw out their family members and link them together using lines?


Have a family picnic:- Lay out a blanket in the living room or garden. Can children make sure everyone has a plate, fork, spoon, and cup? How many do we need all together? Can we group the items? How many in each group?


Sharing: - Give your child a selection of food and ask them to share it fairly between everyone? If there is one left over what could we do? How can we share equally?


Laundry:- Sort out the clean clothes. Who do they belong to? Can they deliver them to the right place in the house? Pair up socks. Can they match the patterns/ colours? Can they count in twos to work out how many there are all together? Peg clothes on the line (this will support children to develop hand strength which will impact on their writing).


Performing arts:- Perform a story or song to your family. Plan out costumes, props. Children could make a show program. (We’d love to see a short video for our website).


Lay the table for your family for dinner:- How many people are there? How many knives, forks, cups do you need? Write out name cards for everyone in your family to show them where to sit. Write a menu to let them know what is for dinner that night.


Role-play as a waiter/ waitress:-  What would everyone like in their sandwiches for lunch? What drinks would everyone like to have with their dinner? Can you take the order? Your sound mat might come in handy! Can you send a photo to add to our web page?


Easter card:- What resources could you use? Use technology to research designs/ artists. Write a message inside for your family member and sign it with your name.


Jobs:- What jobs do the people in your family do? Talk to your child about your job and what you do. What would they like to be when they grow up? Can they draw a picture of themselves in the job they would like to do?