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Extra activities

Extra Activities:

  1. Go on a colour hunt around the garden or village – how many things can you see that are red/ yellow/ blue
  2. Make a shaker Materials for Mini Sound Shakers                                                                                    
  • A variety of materials to put in your sound shakers (ex. rice, beans, coins, sand etc.)

How to Make Mini Sound Shakers

For each sound shaker you will need two caps. Place your material in one of the caps. Carefully place the other cap on top and tape them together with some decorative tape. You can create all kinds of sound shakers by using different materials and different decorative tapes!

3.Cooking – make some fairy cakes

4. Make up a storyline with your toys can you make a house or headquarters for them to live in.

5.Treasure hunt Hide some brightly coloured toys around the garden and ask your little one to see if they can find them – make sure you remember which toys you’ve hidden, and most importantly, where! Don’t make it too tricky or your finders will quickly lose interest.