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Dear all,


We have made it to Friday! I can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm this week and to your parents for supporting you all so well. It has been great to catch up with so many of you this week, sorry if I only managed to leave a message, you'll be the first on my list next week!


Espresso will be attached to this email for your early work. You can finish off your English work book but please don't worry if you don't get to finish it, you can add to it later. There is also a Geography activity attached for you to complete.


For PE, here are some ideas:


Skipping - How many times can you skip without stopping? (I'm on 32!)


Hula hoop - Pass the hoop from one hand over you head and down your body. How fast can you do it? Can you get quicker?


Balloon tennis - How long can you keep the balloon in the air? Can you spin around before the balloon gets to you? 


Play catch - How many times can you pass the ball to each other before you drop it? Can you beat your record? 


Twister game - Do you have twister? Or could you make your own?


Walk like an animal - Can you walk like a different animal? Can someone guess what you are? 


Can you think of any other ideas we can add to our PE list? 


I am in school today, so if you have any problems you can get hold of me there. Otherwise, have a fantastic day and a great weekend!


Mrs Williams