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Friday 17th April

Today our lessons are as follows:

Maths – Phonics and writing --Literacy – Outside

Don’t forget to try the weekly challenge who will win the award this week?



How many ways can you show the numbers 1 to 5.  

Phonics – Aspect 1 environmental sounds

See if you can match the sounds. Twinkl are offering a free subscription

Try this code for access VQ7524


Open a window or go outside. Sit quietly for one minute and then talk about what you heard.


Snail trail – follow the tracing line

Create your own my favourite things poster you can draw or use pictures from magazines, or internet.


Once completed see if you can label some of the images. Parents/carers choose two or three images and write the word see if your child can copy this.


Afternoon Activity

Have FUN choose something you like to do this could be playing with your trains, dolls or action figures. Make up a story and relax.


Have a good weekend