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23rd - 27th March

Dear Parents,


We are about to embark on our new journey together in 'distance learning'.  It is new for us all and we all feel a bit apprehensive about the next few days and inevitably the weeks to come. We are here for you and as parents ourselves, we are all in this together.


This week

We shall be giving ideas for a literacy and maths based activity every day as well as any other ideas that come from your questions or observations. They are short activities we do not expect children to be staying at tables for long periods.


If your child wants to watch a film that is ok as they will pick up language and can relax without thinking about the changes to their routine.


We hope to see you all soon,


Charlie and Emma.

Daily Activities


We recommend doing these activates every day, it can be 5 minutes in which the family can spend together and older siblings can be a part of this.


Read a story or choose a story from Cbeebies bedtime hour or radio app. Can you guess what might happen next (recall this in their book). Can they draw a picture from the story?



Sing nursery rhymes. See if can do the actions or sign the song.