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Monday 23rd March

This is now the perfect time to start using your home learning books. See if you can show your parents how amazing we can write our names and practice this on the first page of your book. This is part of their fine motor skills activity.


At home see if you can follow the nursery timetable so in the morning let your child choose an activity and whilst playing talk about what they are doing so if they choose to play with the trains see if can make up a story for the trains such as a tree has fallen on the line what can we do?



Watch Alphablocks can your child copy the letter sounds. Choose one letter from the episode and can you find things in that room that start with the letter sound take images and email them to 



Count how many steps it takes to get from one room to the next does it change if take big steps or smaller steps. 


Have fun and remember we are all learning together.