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Our Families 23rd - 27th March

Please scroll down to see our 'Tips for this week'

Dear Parents


We are about to embark on our new journey together in 'distance learning'.  It is new for us all and we all feel a bit apprehensive about the next few days and inevitably the weeks to come. We are here for you and as parents ourselves we are all in this together.


Tips for this week


Please do not worry.  This week we are all finding our feet and getting used to this new concept.  We will keep it simple and all we ask is that you try your best.

We are all in different situations at home and you need to find a way of home learning that works for you.


Each day we will set 4 simple tasks.  Phonics, Writing (includes handwriting and spelling) Maths and a theme based activity. It is up to you in which order you choose to do them - Let your child decide! 

Each task will be short this week to help you get used to how your day works.  


Set up at home - There are no set rules on how home learning should happen or where you should do it.  A table may work for your child or they may prefer to work on the floor.  At school we use the carpet area on clipboards as well as a table area. Many children stand to activities such as art. See what works for your child. 


Independent Learning - That's what we call it at school but it means 'PLAY'  Learning through play is SO important. 

Make lots of time this week for your children to 'choose' their own learning. (painting, drawing, lego, games etc) This gives you a break too. 


Screen time is OK!  Children need to relax (and so do you) so don't feel guilty if you let them watch TV or go on their Ipads.


It is ok for children to be bored.  Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure to be a 'super parent'  You don't have to entertain your children all of the time.  At school we let them initiate their own learning and even if some wander around for a couple of minutes they find something to do in the end.  


Your children are amazing, imaginative, fun, and they will learn with you at home. See how this week goes and please contact via email if you need any support.  




Cara Snow and Laura Lewis