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Parent Helpers


Rockbeare CE Primary School Parent Helpers Policy

There are many areas in the education of children where parents and volunteer helpers can be positively involved. The child will derive numerous benefits from such a partnership.

At Rockbeare we recognise that parents and volunteer helpers are an important part of the school community. We always seek to encourage strong links between school and home. We welcome and appreciate the support of parents, volunteer helpers and work experience students as an important part of the school community. There are a wide range of activities that you can become involved with. These activities include quiet tasks such as reading and handwriting through to practical tasks such as art, cooking and technology. All activities in school have a Health and Safety consideration of which you should be aware and comply with under the guidance of the teacher. Children gain greatly from the presence of extra adults in the classroom and this enables a wider range of practical activities to take place. Children also have the added benefit of more one to one, individual attention and adult discussion.

 If you wish to become a parent helper, please contact the school office. You will be asked to complete an application form and provide references, a DBS check will be undertaken and you will be given safeguarding and health & safety training induction.


Guidelines for staff on parent helpers:


It is of paramount importance that staff recognises the need for helpers to understand the professional obligation towards confidentiality.

Please remember that any information you may be told about a child, or discover when working with children whilst helping in school, is always considered by us to be highly confidential and should, under no circumstances, be discussed outside the school.



Staff should ensure parents take time to read the appropriate information before beginning a task.


First Aid:

Helpers need to be aware that any injuries must be reported to the class teacher so that appropriate procedures can be undertaken.


Fire Drill:

Staff needs to bring to the attention of their helpers the fire drill procedures.

REMEMBER: in case of fire, if you are working away from the classroom, to take the children you are working with to the playground via the nearest safe exit and meet up with the class teacher. Do not re-enter the building.



Helpers should be aware of the expectations of behaviour relating to specific activities. They should know what to do in the event of inappropriate behaviour.



Good practice already exists in school whereby letters are drafted and signs are displayed asking for specific support or help.


Hearing Readers:

Parents and volunteers hearing readers will be asked to go to the library where it is quiet and the children will not be distracted working with small groups.


Working with small groups:

Parents and volunteers working with small groups of children as part of the lesson will stay in the classroom so that the children are still part of the whole class lesson.


Child Protection:

It is now a legal requirement that the Disclosure Barring Service checks all persons working with children and therefore any parent helpers will be required to complete the necessary forms given to them by the school office. Until the forms have been returned by the Disclosure Barring Service certifying clearance parents will be unable to work in the school as a volunteer.