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Aim to spend 5-10 minutes on phonics




  1. Play I-spy with things you can see out of the window. You could alternate between the initial sounds in the word e.g., “I spy with my little eye something beginning with t”.  (there is a worksheet if you wish to use this instead)
  2. Sing Nursery Rhymes and songs together. Add in actions and change the words. Can children think of different rhyming words to add in? Repeat old favourites and learn new rhymes. You can find an A-Z of Nursery Rhymes here:
  3.  Use your voice to create some sound effects. Can you make a sound like a ticking clock or a doorbell? Listen to sounds around your home can you make a sound like them?
  4. Can you come up with a new name for your family starting with a word that starts with the same letter eg. Chuckling Charlie, energetic Emma,
  5. Play name the toy Help your child to give their toys names that begin with the same sound as the item. Daisy doll Sammy spider Dave the dinosaur Holly hamster (Write them down so that you do not forget their names!)



Complete the activity sheets in the resources  play any of the phase 1 games   watch any of the alphabet videos on scraps phonics and then write the letter in your home learning book

Watch cbeebies alphablocks