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Wednesday 15th April – Reception


PE: Joe Wicks fitness


Phonics: Today could you focus on the sound ‘ng’ as in ring, king and hang. Please see ‘resources’ for our learning activity.

Alternatively: (User Name: march20 / Password: home). Children can explore all phase 3 games.  




To know our full name and address:

Practice name writing. Can children write their first name? Middle name? Surname?

Do children know their address? Can they write it correctly?

You could speak to your child about why addresses are important/ when we use them. Can they address an envelope to a relative?

You could encourage your child to write a short letter?


Extension – see literacy task in resources - sentence writing.


Maths: Counting back from 20. Practice counting backwards from 20. This can be done through playing hide and seek, singing number songs, chanting, board games etc. 

Can children write numbers backwards from 10 and 20? There is a number activity in resources. Children can use a number line to help them (there are lots on google)


Extension: Number formation to 10


Reading: Read a story on Bug Club or Oxford Owl. 


Wider Curriculum: Please complete an activity from the wider curriculum page. Please see resources.


Children are encouraged to play between activities.