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Friday 17th April – Reception


PE: Joe Wicks fitness


Phonics: Applying ‘ng’ when spelling. Please see resources.

Alternatively: (User Name: march20 / Password: home). Children can explore all phase 3 games.  




Can you draw pictures of the sentences you wrote yesterday?

Can you tell me more information about your simple sentences and pictures? Please see resources for guidance. 

***Children should try to make phonetically plausible attempts at spelling using their sound mats. I look forward to reading them. 


Extension: Ask your child to write out the tricky words they are working on at the moment on pieces of paper and turn them into a pairs game. See resources.



Making number bonds to 10

Please could you watch this episode of Number Blocks which focuses on combining numbers?

Task – Can children find different combinations of making 10? They can use 10 counters/ beads/ pasta and part them in different ways.


Reading: Read a story on Bug Club or Oxford Owl.


Wider Curriculum: Please complete an activity from the wider curriculum page. Please see resources.


Children are encouraged to play between activities.