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Today’s Learning Reception:


Phonics: Today could you focus on the sound ‘zz’ as in fizz, fuzz and buzz. This is a recap of previous learning.   (User Name: march20 / Password : home). The children are used to using these games at school – children are encouraged to explore the other games on this forum should they wish.

Should you require additional resources please find a sheet attached which children will be able to write ‘zz’ words. Can children write simple sentences including the sound taught? Children can use their sound mats to support them.


Literacy: Can children write simple sentences about the people who live in their home? If children live across two homes they can write about both homes. Children might describe people’s appearances, jobs, interests etc. They may need to be prompted to use capital letters and full stops. They will find their sound mats useful for this activity. I would suggest 3- 5 sentences each. I look forward to seeing them.  


Maths: Adding to 20. Please use counters/ beads/ rice/ pasta etc to help your child represent, count and add to 20. If you do not have a printer, could you record number sentences for children? Or they could record them themselves.  

Reading: Please find and read a story on Oxford Owl – I will be very happy if you email me what you have read. Maybe children could rate the story out of 5. Please let me know how your children are finding reading digital book, any feedback would be gratefully received.




There are some additional activities at the bottom of the page (should you require them).