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Thursday 16th April

Today our lessons are as follows:

Maths – Phonics and writing --Literacy – Music

Don’t forget to try the weekly challenge who will win the award this week?

Maths  can you write how many you found of each colour. Can you find any of the colours around your room?


See what your family’s favourite colour is can you use the colour and mark this in your book eg




Phonics – Aspect 4 Rhythm and Rhyme 

See if you can the rhymes as you go along the train track.


Sing nursery rhymes together can you spot the rhyming words?


Looking at letters m and n see if can copy these and find items that start with this letter in your home.


Watch the videos m and n on espresso

username: student10329

password: dinosaurs


Music – I can move my body in different ways

Action nursery rhymes

Teddy bear teddy bear turn around (Turn around)

 Teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground (touch the ground)

 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Show your shoes (arms out to the side and raise foot off the floor, encourage straight leg and pointed toe)

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear that will do (shake pointed finger)

 Teddy Bear teddy bear climb the stairs (pretend to climb the stairs)

 Teddy Bear Teddy bear say your prayers (hands together in prayer position)

 Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn out the light (imitate switching off the light, sound a ‘click’)

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Say goodnight! (hands together under tilted head and close eyes, after a short while of sleeping, wake up with a clap and a jump)



ACTIVITY – Soldiers

Demonstrate how soldiers march, you may wish to use visual aids of the Royal Guards.

Sing Grand old duke of York as an introduction


Try to see if they can change some of their movements for instance:

Lets swing oppositions (alternate) arms

Now lets try raising our knees, only our knees

Practise marching to any music, backs straight, knees high, march on the spot, finally introduce the arms and march around the room.

Attention – Stop on the spot and salute (hand flat to forehead)

Up, 2,3,4 – Counting and marching in time

About turn – turn to face the opposite direction


Have fun!



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