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Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March - Mrs Snow


Here are the activities you can try with your child today.  I have included some 'optional' tasks. These are additional and only if you are wanting extra activities to do with your child.


Please scroll down to see support videos and photos


Reading: Please aim to read with you child for 15 minutes today. This can be from their school reading book or a book on  Oxford Owl



Reception Work 

  • Phonics - Espresso lesson (z) and activities   - see support sheet
  • Handwriting and Spelling :  Phase 2 and 3 words (see sheet in support section)
  • Maths - Adding amounts to 10 - Set up a shop with items labelled from 1p - 10p. Can they choose 2 items that add up to 10p?   Support photo and task below    
  • Theme 'My Family'  Draw a detailed picture of your family (Who lives in you house?) Please label who they are?  
  • Theme Extension: Draw other members of your family (grandparents, aunties and uncles)  Write a sentence about your family. e.g: Oscar likes football and eating pizza. My mummy likes chocolate and walking our dog Honey.


Optional Tasks


Year 1 Work

  • Phonics - Espresso lesson and activities (a-e)  see support sheet 
  • Handwriting and spelling - Phase 3 and 4 spellings (see sheet in support section)
  • Maths - Adding amounts to 20p - Set up a shop with items labelled from 1p - 20p. Can they choose 2 items that add up to 20p?   Support photo and task below. 
  • Creative - 'My Family'   Draw a detailed picture of your family . Write sentences about your family. e.g: This is my family. My brother Oscar likes football and eating pizza. My mummy likes chocolate and walking our dog Honey.


Optional Tasks


Remember to let your child have plenty of time to do independent learning (play)  and look on our FORD HOME LEARNING PAGE for dance routines and activities to keep them active. 


Please keep in touch via email for support. 

Regards and thanks


Cara Snow



Spelling support sheets

These are for your child to copy down (please remind them to use cursive handwriting) Start at Phase 2 and work upwards. 

Click on the sheet and it will enlarge

Optional:  Test them on their spellings.

Tricky Words Reading Powerpoint

These are all of the words that children in Reception need to read by the end of the year. We haven't taught them all so don't worry if some children find them tricky.  We have covered the orange and the purple words. 

These are words that cannot be sounded out. Please tell your child what they are so they can start remembering them.



Set up a Shop

Maths Task - Let's Go Shopping

If you set up a 'real'shop' please let children 'play' first. You can encourage lots of language with buying and exchanging money. Use real money to pay for items  and 'role play' what it is like to go shopping.  


Optional - Let children buy items and add up the totals

Children could write a shopping list before they visit the shop.


This is a great activity to do with brothers or sisters.

My Family Drawing

This task is more about 'talking' and for the children to find out about their family.

Don't worry too much about their drawing skill.  Showing them how to draw a person really helps.

Reception -  to label the people and they can tell you/find out about each family member.

Year 1 - Write a caption about each of them.