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Tuesday 14th April

Welcome back and I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

I hope that you all managed to go out and enjoy the sunshine if this was on your bikes, or walking around the local parks and fields.

Today our lessons are as follows; Maths – Phonics and writing --Literacy – Art


Watch this episodes of the number blocks available on cbeebies website

Then complete the numberblocks game .


Try to write the numbers you saw in your book and find these around your house.


Espresso in home learning links looking at the letter S and P. Can they write the letter in their home learning book?


Complete the letter sheets and write the letter

Find objects that start with the sound in your home take a photo of your collection and email to Charlie.


Read a story together and see if you can find any rhyming words.  A favourite story is Shark in the Park see who can spot the rhyming words first.


See if you can draw yourself and your family to show how special you are. Do not forget to label the picture with your name and your family members.