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Wednesday 15th April

Today our lessons are as follows:

Wake Up shake Up - Maths – Phonics and writing --Literacy – Outside adventure

Don’t forget to try the weekly challenge.

Wake Up shake up

Explore the videos available in the lions tab can you complete all 3 and get your body moving for the day?


Maths Put a set number of ‘objects’ e.g. toys or pasta pieces, in a bowl and count out together. Can you find the same number of a different object?

Extension: Watch this episode can they represent the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a different way such as dots or lines? Writte the words one, two and three and explain they all mean the same.


User Name: march20 

Password: home

Children can explore all phase 1 games. 


Rhyming Pairs worksheet - Can you come up with the rhyming pair for these words see attached sheet


Watch the story train ride on Espresso and then complete the two activities. Were they able to recall the story note the score in their home learning books.

Outside Adventure

Take a bowl of water and a paintbrush outside. ‘Paint’ the decking/pavement/ leaves of the plants with water.

Rhyming pairs