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Year 1

Today’s Learning Year 1:


Phonics: Today could you focus on the phonic sound ‘ea/ alternative ey ’ as in bead, beast and beat    /   donkey, money and monkey. This is a recap of previous learning.

Video :-


Should you require additional resources please find a sheet attached which children will be able to apply their phonetical knowledge.


Literacy: I would like you to use your story maps (from yesterday) to help you write out your story. You can do this straight into your exercise books. Don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. It would also be fantastic if you could use some  adjectives. Try to remember our sentence stem “we know an adjective describes a noun”“We know a noun is a person, place or thing”. Good luck – I can’t wait to read them.


Maths: Can you double all numbers to 10? What do you notice? 1 + 1 = 2        2 + 2 = 4       3 + 3 = (and so on)

# Can you say the sentence stem: “Doubling a whole number always gives an even number”.

I have attached some challenges for you to try in the resource section should you need them.


Reading: Please find and read a story on Oxford Owl – I will be very happy if you email me what you have read. Maybe children could rate the story out of 5. Please let me know how your children are finding reading digital book, any feedback would be gratefully received.


ICT: Can you use technology to send your teacher an Email? Do you know what an email address is? How could we start an Email? What message will you send? How do we end an email? Parent, please could you support your child to type using a tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone -  it only needs to be a short sentence about something that have eaten, watched, said etc. This is to introduce them to a computers keyboard. I look forward to sending out lots of replies.