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Year 1

Wednesday 15th April – Year 1


PE: Joe Wicks fitness


Phonics: Today could you focus on the sound ‘ear’ as in fear, near and idea. Please see ‘resources’ for our learning activity.

Alternatively: (User Name: march20 / Password: home). Children can explore all phase 5 games.



To be able to write your address:

Ideas to discuss with your child. Do they know who delivers the post? Share a letter with them and explore the envelope from the front and back. Can they see any numbers on the front or back of the envelope? What do they mean? Who is the letter addressed to? Ask your child to write their address on an envelope. Discuss the postcode and any capital letters.


To write simple sentences:-

Children should write a letter to open next year, this letter could remind them of Wednesday 15th April 2020. Write about what they have been up to over the Easter period. There is guidance in the resource section. 


Handwriting: Practice our weekly spellings. Please see resources


Maths: Please find attached an activity which requires children to count in 10s. Please see resources.


Reading: Read a story on Bug Club or Oxford Owl.


Wider Curriculum: Please complete an activity from the wider curriculum page. Please see resources.