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Year 1

Thursday 16th April – Year 1


PE: Joe Wicks fitness


Phonics: Children to read through the text. Can they spot the ‘ear’ sound? See resources.


Alternatively: (User Name: march20 / Password: home). Children can explore all phase 5 games.  

Espresso: phase 5 games.


Daily handwriting and spelling – see resources. 



Can children plan a letter to the Queen for her Birthday? Please see resources. Children should pay close attention to capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. I look forward to seeing these.


Extension: draw a self-portrait for the Queen/ draw a picture of the Queen.



Counting in multiples of 10. Please see resources. Can children chant multiples of 10 to 100?


Extension: Look for the numbers on the doors of houses. Do the numbers get bigger or smaller as you go up and down the street? You could enjoy this activity on your daily exercise.



Reading: Read a story on Bug Club or Oxford Owl.



Wider Curriculum: Please complete an activity from the wider curriculum page. Please see resources.


Children are encouraged to play between activities.