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Year 5

This week's maths will focus on angles. Today you will be exploring what an angle is and will be starting to classify angles according to their size. Please watch the BBC bitesize video, What is an angle? Then complete the two activities below the video. 


Then log onto Expresso. Go to Measuring Angles (Upper), Then watch the video, Measuring angles.


Once you have a good understanding of what an acute, obtuse and right angle is you could make a right angle checker by following the instructions attached and explore your house to identify different angles in your environment. You could create a simple table in your book to show what angles you have found.


Object Number of obtuse angles Number of acute angles  Number of right angles 
Photo frame 0 0 4
Garden planter 1 2 0


Are some angles more commonly found in your house than others?


If you'd rather, you could play this online game:


Mrs Beazley