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Our aim is to raise money, to enable the school to provide the pupils with resources and experiences that wouldn't ordinarily be funded by the Local Authority.

We hope the events that we organise foster extended relationships between the staff and parents, and that the activities we are able to fund advance the education of pupils attending Rockbeare School.

Membership of the FRSA consists of all the parents of current pupils, teachers and friends of the school.

We hold a minimum of one meeting per term, and everyone is welcome to come.

Friends of Rockbeare School


All parents and staff automatically become members of the F.R.S.A. which runs various fund raising and social events for children and parents throughout the year. Every member is welcome at its committee meetings held every half term. It was founded by our Learning Support Assistant Joan Robertson and the late Diane Reed, who both worked as parents to fund raise and organise special events for the children.In past years, the Association has worked to raise funds to provide equipment and other items which help to improve children's experiences at Rockbeare.